System builders face tight quad-core Opteron supply

Just over a month has passed since AMD launched its "Barcelona" quad-core Opterons on September 10, but the chips are still hard to come by for system builders according to a report by ChannelWeb. The site says system builders are pleased with the overall performance, compatibility, and power consumption of quad-core Opterons, but that they're disappointed with AMD's product delivery. Brian Corn of Waltham, Massachussetts-based Source Code said this to ChannelWeb:

"We're extremely disappointed with AMD on a product delivery level. What's nice about the product is it runs great, it's rock solid, it really performs. The real problem seems to be is that AMD doesn't have any of these things," he said.

Corn isn't pleased with the way AMD is dealing with customers in the face of seemingly tight supply, either:

"Their management has no answers for the channel as to 'Where is this product?' Their response, instead of the truth, is silence. It's difficult getting no feedback from AMD, when a year ago Hector Ruiz said we will never turn our back on the channel. And now it looks like AMD has fallen into the same pattern, taking care of their Tier 1's and some favored partners, and turning their back on the channel," he said.

Other system builders have been luckier, but they also accuse AMD of prioritizing tier one server vendors and neglecting the channel. ChannelWeb quotes Shah Gautam of Sunnyvale, Callifornia-based Colfax as saying, "They probably care more about their Tier 1 customers in the initial phase. Maybe that ramp-up has been faster than expected, so the channel is always the last, you know."

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