Tiny 'fit-PC' draws 5W, is smaller than a paperback

The folks over at ExtremeTech have reviewed a tiny, Linux-powered PC that has a smaller footprint than a paperback and sips a mere 5W of power.

Dubbed the fit-PC, the system is the brainchild of Israeli embedded board manufacturer CompuLab. It is based on AMD's 500MHz Geode LX-800 processor, and it includes 256MB of DDR RAM, a 40GB 2.5" hard drive, dual 100Mbps Ethernet ports, two USB ports, and a graphics controller capable of driving a display with a resolution up to 1920x1440. CompuLab managed to cram that hardware into an enclosure measuring just 120 x 116 x 40mm, or 4.7" x 4.6" x 1.6", and the company sells the machine for $285.

In their review, the ExtremeTech guys put the fit-PC through its paces, and they found that the system was speedy enough for web browsing with the pre-installed Ubuntu Linux 7.04 operating system. Unsurprisingly, though, multitasking with six applications was reportedly "sluggish." Still, ExtremeTech praises the machine's form factor and low power consumption as well as its potential as a firewall or router.

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