Intel preps new processor for OLPC laptop

The One Laptop Per Child project based its low-cost XO laptop around AMD Geode processors, but that design win may be short-lived for AMD. InfoWorld reports that Intel plans to unveil a new processor in Shanghai next April that will be aimed squarely at the XO.

Mooly Eden, VP and General Manager of Intel's Mobile Platforms Group, told InfoWorld that Intel intends to put together a new architecture specifically for the OLPC project. Last month, Intel was reportedly mulling the use of a modified Celeron M or one of the upcoming 45nm "Silverthorne" mobile internet device chips for the XO. However, the company ended up deciding that the XO's small size, low cost, and low power consumption made it "unique enough" to warrant a new architecture.

As for the reasoning behind Intel's move, Eden seems to see great potential in the system. "OLPC is a new category that will allow many, many people in many places to have access to the Internet," he explains. "It's a category for itself. It will grow, it will not be a cannibalization of an existing [product] category."

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