Intel posts record third-quarter revenue

As AMD bleeds money quarter after quarter, Intel seems to be handling the processor price war admirably. The company posted year-over-year increases in revenue and profits in the second quarter, and Intel says its revenue for the third quarter hit a record high.

In the third quarter of this year, Intel had revenue of $10.1 billion and operating income of $2.2 billion. Those are 15% and 64% increases, respectively, over Intel's results in the third quarter of 2006, and they're also 16% and 66% increases compared to the second quarter of this year. Among the factors behind the increases were growth in the Mobility and Digital Enterprise groups as well as record microprocessor, chipset, and flash memory unit sales, the company explains. Intel's gross margin also jumped from 46.9% in the second quarter to 52.4% in the third quarter.

In the fourth quarter, Intel expects revenue to go up yet again, this time to somewhere between $10.5 billion and $11.1 billion. Gross margin is also expected to rise to 57%, give or take a couple of points.

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