Corel looks to MS as Sun does Open Source

Friday the 13th didn't disappoint, as both WinInformant and C|Net (thanks to the person who sent in this link) had articles that shed some light on the Corel/Microsoft deal. Under these terms, there is a three-year window where Corel is obligated to help Microsoft port the MS Office suite to Linux as part of Microsoft's .NET strategy for Linux should that ever materialize. Talk about a Faustian bargain. Sun is taking the opposite approach by doing the Open Source thing according to this ZDNet report (thanks to DiM for the submission). By allowing users to download nine million lines of StarOffice code and perhaps entrenching itself in the market, is Sun launching a preemptive strike against a possible Microsoft .NET strategy for Linux?

In other, unfortunate news, Scour has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy and may be liable for $250 billion in damages.

Update: Computerworld is reporting that the StarOffice open source code was released to a rocky start.

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