TR Forum Tidings: New games

These past few days have been busy indeed for PC gamers: Valve's Orange Box game bundle finally came out, as did the Unreal Tournament 3 beta demo and the Call of Duty 4 demo. For our tidings post this week, we've decided to bring you a collection of threads regarding those games.

Unreal Tournament 3 seems to be the darling of our Gaming forum, with the longest discussion thread (although it was awakened from the dead a few weeks ago) and a second thread where TR gerbil Krogoth is pimping his Unreal Tournament 3 beta demo server.

Next up are Orange Box games including Team Fortress 2, Portal, and Episode Two, in order of popularity. (Gamers who haven't yet completed Portal or Episode Two beware—the corresponding threads contain spoilers.) Last, but not least is the Call of Duty 4 demo, which, although overshadowed by other major releases, does seem to have made a good impression on TR gerbils.

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