Corsair rolls out new power supplies

Following the introduction of its affordable VX-series power supplies this summer, Corsair has reworked the upper end of its lineup by introducing two new PSUs rated for power outputs of 650W and 750W. The units are part of a new TX series, and they have higher power ratings than Corsair's previous 520W/620W HX-series and 450W/550W VX-series models.

Both TX PSUs have single 12V rails and feature 80% efficiency ratings as well as active power factor correction, but they lack the HX series' modular cabling. The TX650W can pump 624W of power out of its 12V rail, and it's cooled by a single 120mm fan. Meanwhile, the TX750W's 12V rail has a 720W rated capacity, and Corsair has outfitted the unit with a larger 140mm fan.

Corsair says the TX650W and TX750W are launching at respective prices of $179.99 and $199.99. Both models are covered by a five-year warranty, too, just like the rest of Corsair's PSU line.

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