RV670 to launch in new Radeon HD 3800 series?

For weeks now, the rumor mill has been grinding on about AMD's RV670 graphics processor, and we've been hearing that the GPU will hit stores in Radeon HD 2950-series graphics cards. Well, as it turns out, AMD may have an entirely different naming scheme planned.

VR-Zone has caught wind that AMD will name RV670-based cards the Radeon HD 3800 series. Evidence of the naming scheme can be seen on the site of AMD graphics partner GeCube, which shows an empty listing for Radeon HD 3000-series products.

More interesting yet, VR-Zone reports that AMD has decided to do away with its product names' two- and three-letter suffices, such as XTX, XT, GT, and Pro. Instead, the company will use the last two digits of a card's model number to denote performance grades. VR-Zone claims the Pro and XT flavors of the RV670 will be dubbed the Radeon HD 3850 and 3870, respectively. Both cards are still expected to launch on November 15, they say.

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