Ubuntu Linux 7.10 released

Canonical has hit another milestone on its way to mainstream appeal with the release of version 7.10 of its Linux distribution, Ubuntu Linux. The new release comes just six months after the launch of Ubuntu Linux 7.04, the last major milestone, but Canonical has apparently had time to cram in a whole bunch of new features.

Major new additions include 3D desktop effects, desktop search, the ability to write to NTFS partitions, improved multi-monitor support, better support for devices with "non-free" drivers, automatic printer configuration, and a graphical configuration tool for X that allows users to change graphics drivers and adjust monitor video/settings without having to open a terminal window or manually edit configuration files.

Ubuntu Linux 7.10 also includes new features like fast user switching, a plugin finder wizard for Firefox, and lower system power consumption thanks to an updated version of the Linux kernel.

Ubuntu's desktop search applet.

The new operating system is available to download from Ubuntu website download page, and as always, the installation disc doubles as a "Live CD" to give users a chance to try before they install. Ubuntu's download page also includes a mirror selector that lets users pick download mirrors in countries all over the world.

According to an article on eWeek, Dell intends to start pre-loading Ubuntu Linux 7.10 onto its line of Linux-powered systems in the near future. A Dell representative told the site, "We will offer Ubuntu 7.10 preinstalled on our systems soon." She added, "For customers who are interested in updating their existing Ubuntu systems, we advise them to visit the Ubuntu 7.10 page on our wiki, which will go live [Oct. 18] after the official launch."

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