AMD posts $396 million net loss

As Intel crows about its record third quarter and $2.2 billion profit, AMD is still up a creek without a paddle. The world's number-two processor maker has posted a net loss of $396 million for the third quarter, marking its fourth consecutive unprofitable quarter. Those who have been keeping track of AMD's financial results will know the company lost $574 million in the fourth quarter of last year, $611 million in the first quarter, and $600 million in the second quarter, for a total loss of $2.181 billion dollars over the past four quarters.

On the upside, AMD's revenue for the third quarter was $1.632 billion, up 18% compared to the second quarter and up 23% compared to the same time period last year. AMD boasts that it sold a "record number" of microprocessors through the channel and that revenue for its graphics segment rose 29% sequentially. The company also increased its gross margin from 34% in the second quarter to 41% in the third. Of course, that margin is still more than 10 points lower than Intel's, which hit 52.4% in the third quarter.

Looking ahead to the fourth quarter, AMD has no numbers to quote. Instead, the company merely states, "In the seasonally up fourth quarter, AMD expects revenue to increase in line with seasonality."

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