Deal of the week: $50 for 2GB of RAM

This week's deal post goes hand in hand with our news story about the memory industry today. Memory prices have been dropping throughout this year, and they hit an all-year low in the first half of this month with 512Mb DDR2 memory chips selling for only $1.31 a pop in the contract market (that's down from $5.88 per chip in early January). It's now easy to nab 2GB memory kits for around $50. Instead of bringing you a single memory deal, though, we've picked out three:

  • Corsair's 2GB DDR2-667 Value Select memory kit, which costs $49.99 at Newegg
  • Wintec's 2GB DDR2-800 Ampo memory kit, which is $5 more at Newegg ($54.99).
  • Mushkin's 2GB DDR2-800 Enhanced memory kit, which Newegg offers for $61.99 with a $10 mail-in rebate that can bring its price down to just $51.99—a nicer deal than the Wintec kit if you don't mind mail-in rebates.

All three kits are covered by a lifetime warranty, and their manufacturers all offer U.S.-based technical support should things go awry.

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