Of notebooks and Shortbread

Technology continues to evolve at a brisk pace. Nipping at the heels of the (semi)official release of the Athlon 1.2 GHz comes this article from PC World exploring PC speed secrets. In an exclusive, they test out Sony's VAIO PictureBook equipped with Transmeta's Crusoe TM5600 600 mhz processor. Looks like computer time is lengthened at the expense of processing power. The soon to be released Acer TravelMate 350 will be expandable with a Bluetooth wireless module by Q1 2001 and use smart-card technology to stay secure. PC World also has the scoop on the Hyper CD-ROM capable of storing 10 terabytes of data which may be available within a year's time. Mozilla has hit Milestone 18 together with the release of a new version of WickedGL dated October 12.

During Wednesday's presidential debate, George W. blamed the Internet for the Columbine massacre. [Ed: No, he didn't.] TR reader and sometime malcontent Ryu Connor sends in this thread on /. arguing that the uncensored media is harmless.

Linux news

  • The Linux League Friday edition (Real audio) from R@dioWall Street
  • First Linux development platform standards released
  • KHealthCare: hardware monitoring program for Linux
Hardware and tweak guide

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  • Hypothermia illustrates how to get beyond 1300 MHz
  • Early impressions of Creative's new Soundblaster Live! 5.1 line from 3DsoundSurge
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  • Review Zone has updated their mega video card shootout
  • Computerworld reports on the sensual computer (touchy feely PCs?)
  • 3D Spotlight's Metal Gear Solid tweak guide
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