Samsung claims first 30nm 64Gb NAND flash chip

After claiming the world's first 2Gb DDR2 memory chip based on 60nm process technology, Samsung is back on Business Wire touting a new record: that of the first 64Gb multi-level cell NAND flash memory chip based on a 30nm process. For those not versed in the arts of bits-to-bytes conversion, that's a single chip capable of storing 8GB of data. According to Samsung, the part represents a "major leap forward in the move to higher density flash storage solutions."

To develop the 64Gb NAND chip, Samsung relied on a new manufacturing process it calls self-aligned double patterning technology, or SaDPT for short. SaDPT uses two pattern transfers: one that's a wide-spaced circuit design, and another that fills in the gaps with a more tightly-spaced pattern. The company believes SaDPT is a "pivotal advancement" that "resolves a critical bottleneck to forming sub-30nm circuitry" and will provide cost-efficiency improvements, since it relies on conventional lithography.

Samsung expects to start producing 30nm, 64Gb flash parts in 2009. Citing Gartner Dataquest numbers, it predicts that sales of flash chips with 64Gb or higher densities may reach as much as $20 billion by 2011.

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