Barcelona hits store shelves in Japan

Almost a month and a half has passed since the launch of AMD's quad-core Opteron processors. We had time to review the chips and compare them to Intel's upcoming 45nm Xeon processors, but the new Opterons are still absent from the retail scene, both online and off. System builders voiced their concerns over Barcelona availability earlier this month, as well. However, in its quarterly financial results conference last week, AMD said it expected quad-core Opterons to become "widely available" by the middle of the quarter.

The company appears to have delivered on those expectations in Japan, where the folks at PC Watch have already spotted retail Opterons on store shelves. The site has a picture of 68W Opteron 2344 HE and 2346 HE processors clocked at 1.7GHz and 1.8GHz, respectively. Asking prices are ¥28,140 for the 2344 HE and ¥34,440 for the 2346 HE, or $245 and $300. Those are a fair bit higher than AMD's official list prices of $209 and $255 for the same chips.

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