TR Forum Tidings: Your top cases

We've whipped up a new tidings post following our weekly roaming around the TR forums, and this time we happened by a thread by gerbil newbie themattman in our Cases and Power Supplies forum. In the thread, themattman asks fellow gerbils to name their five top mid-range cases. His definition of mid-range is a little lax, since he's telling folks to pretend they have $200 to buy "any type of case," but both his and others' contributions include some very reasonable choices. Among the most popular seem to be Antec's P180 series and Lian-Li's PC-60 and PC-65.

What would your top five cases be if you had a relatively comfortable budget? Would you go for quiet monoliths like the P180, small form factor models that are easy to keep out of sight, or cases tuned for high cooling performance with enough fans to keep Jessica Alba chilly? As always, you're free to sound off in our forums (and more specifically themattman's thread) provided you've already registered a forum account.

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