Dell readies its own iMac lookalike

As we saw in Apple's latest quarterly financial results announcement, as well as in recent PC market share reports from analyst firms, Mac sales are soaring. That success isn't lost on other PC makers, who seem to be trying harder than ever to emulate the white-plastic-and-aluminum-clad competition. Last month, Gateway unveiled a new all-in-one PC dubbed the Gateway One, which looks like the illegitimate offspring of the new iMac and Apple's old-school 20th Anniversary Mac. Now, it's Dell's turn.

The guys at Engadget have come upon pictures of what they say is an upcoming Dell desktop called the XPS One. The shots originate from the FCC, and they show a machine that's arguably even more iMac-like than Gateway's effort. However, this "XPS One" isn't nearly as sleek, and it sports a red-colored and angular rear bezel emblazoned with the letters "XPS."

According to Engadget, the XPS One features a 22" 1680x1050 display, which has large stereo speakers protruding on either side. The system's internals are said to include a choice of Core 2 Duo processors from Intel, integrated ATI Mobility Radeon HD 2400 graphics from AMD, up to 4GB of RAM, Wi-FI, Bluetooth, a memory card reader, and connectors for S/PDIF audio output and a TV dongle. The machine will also come with a wireless mouse, a compact wireless keyboard with a built-in trackpad, and a remote.

Engadget suggests the XPS One may cost $2,000 or more, although Dell has yet to announce pricing—or the system itself, for that matter.

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