Nehalem to support triple-channel memory?

Intel has already made many details concerning its upcoming Nehalem processors public, including a good deal of information about their functionality and performance. But for all Intel's talkativeness, rumor sites are still chatting away about the upcoming chips in an effort to fill the gaps.

Earlier this week, the rumor of the day was that Nehalem was scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2008 and that we'd have to wait until 2009 for Nehalem chips with eight cores and integrated graphics processors. Now, Fudzilla reports that Nehalem's memory controller will incorporate a rather unusual feature: triple-channel memory support.

Intel has shouted on the rooftops that Nehalem's memory controller will be integrated, much like the one in AMD's current chips, but the company has said very little beyond that. According to Fudzilla, the "Bloomfield" desktop flavor of Nehalem and its Tylersburg chipset will support three channels of DDR3 memory clocked at 800MHz, 1066MHz, or 1333MHz. There's no word on higher speeds, but Nehalem supposedly won't support DDR2 RAM at all.

If Fudzilla has its facts straight, Nehalem will yield an impressive 31.99GB/s of theoretical maximum memory bandwidth from three channels of DDR3-1333 RAM. Couple that with four or eight cores packing twice as many threads, and AMD may face a potent foe indeed.

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