GIMP version 2.4 released

Open-source software enthusiasts will be happy to know that a major new release of GIMP is out. The tool has long been a popular alternative to Photoshop for Linux users—not to mention those who want neither to cough up $600 for Adobe's software nor to break the law—and it's now hit version 2.4.

With this release, the GIMP team has added a slew of new features, including a refreshed look to make the application fit in better in different operating systems and redesigned menus. GIMP 2.4 also includes new brush tools, new selection and cropping tools, a "perspective clone" tool, a lens distortion compensation tool, better image filtering when zooming in and out in the application, improved support for some file formats (including the ability to save an edited JPEG with its original compression settings), a better full-screen editing mode for photos, support for color profiles, better printing, and more.

GIMP 2.4 is available to download for Windows, Linux/BSD/Solaris, and Mac OS X. Screenshots showing off the software in the aforementioned operating systems can be viewed on this page.

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