Miss Hawaii was crowned the new Miss America last night. Nothing like good old fashioned apple pie on a Sunday.

Hardware and tweak guide

  • Digit-Life's speculation on upcoming NVIDIA chipsets
  • Unreal Universe's UT D3D tweak guide
  • AnandTech reviews MSI K7T Pro 2 (features multiplier adjustments in the bios)
  • C|Net Gamecenter reviews ELSA Gladiac GF2 Ultra
  • Athlonmb on Duron overclocking
  • Athlon.oC's Project Duron part deux: case cooling
  • The next Damage box? Pro Cooling's Double Header III: the ultimate chill (proposed plan for a dually rig)
  • Hardware One reviews Abit SE6 and AOpen AX34 Pro motherboards
  • Sharky Extreme reviews Dell Inspiron 5000e notebook
  • Palm Pilot Robot Kit

  • Digital Pro Sound on slicing and dicing MP3 bit rates
  • AllHW reviews Olympus C-960Zoom
  • MaximumPC reviews PC home recording solutions (reprint from the magazine)

  • Windows 2000 compatibility pack for October
  • Win9x Detonator 5.45 drivers? from Zoiah's
  • BeFaster 2.40: Internet speed-up toolkit
  • WinBoost 2001
  • Tranzmit sends word of a beautiful new 3D demo called 'Untamed' by Fuel
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