AMD's 790 FX chipset overclocked to 510MHz

The upcoming RD790 enthusiast chipset from AMD, which is expected to be officially dubbed 790 FX, looks to be quite promising on the overclocking side of things. The folks at OC Workbench have posted a CPU-Z screenshot that shows a board based on the new chipset with its base HyperTransport clock set to a cool 510MHz. According to OC Workbench, the screenshot comes courtesy of an MSI research and development staffer in China, who used one of AMD's new Athlon 64 X2 6400+ processors as the guinea pig for the test. The CPU, which normally runs at 3.2GHz, was only run with a x5 multiplier and therefore clocked at just 2.55GHz.

510MHz isn't out of the ordinary for the front-side bus on overclocked Intel systems (in fact, that's as high as we were able to take our Asus X38 Express mobo's FSB), but it's definitely a high figure for an AMD board's HyperTransport clock. For reference, the most we were able to squeeze from a Socket AM2 board based on Nvidia's nForce 590 SLI chipset was 360MHz in our roundup last year.

Based on statements made by AMD during its third-quarter financial results conference call last week, we can expect to see the RD790 hitting stores some time next month. In the conference call, AMD stated that its Spider platform, which combines RD790, Phenom processors, and RV670 graphics, was on track for a launch in November.

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