Crytek CEO explores Crysis' technical side

On the eve of the Crysis demo release, the guys at Shacknews have published an interview with Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli. The interview revolves around the technical aspects of the company's upcoming first-person shooter, and it gives an idea of what to expect from a hardware requirements perspective. When asked whether he is worried Crysis' system requirements will put it out of the reach of too many gamers, for instance, Yerli answers:

Cevat Yerli: We are not really concerned. Its not more demanding than Far Cry was and Far Cry was a big success for us. Crysis is just more optimized and looks better at the same demands of Far Cry relative to the past. We scaled back to 3 years old gamer configurations, just as we promised.

Crysis may be scalable, but Yerli adds that gamers who use state-of-the-art systems with DirectX 10 graphics cards will have an advantage in multiplayer over users of less powerful machines, because they "will experience tangible gameplay improvements that actually make tactical difference." For those looking to upgrade, Yerli mentions that the game supports 64-bit chips, and he recommends gamers choose quad cores over high clock speeds.

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