Good stuff is going on behind the scenes here at TR, and it's time to pull back the curtain on some of the new developments. Many of you may have noticed that Victor "groovyone" Chen contributed a review here recently. As Vic noted in the comments a few days ago, he's gotten too busy with work to continue with his own site, Freak!. Instead, he'll be contributing his Freaky goodness here at TR from time to time. Vic is living in Paris right now, so I'll try to get him to tell us funny stories about the French, too.

Also, we've managed to pick up three more new staffers who were out hitchhiking on the info highway. You'll soon be seeing news and article posts from Geoff "Dissonance" Gasior, Jeremy "Lethal" Snow, and Adriel "filter_ten" Goddard. These guys will help us keep the news fresh and the articles rolling, and I'm excited about the new perspectives they'll bring to TR. At least one article from these guys should be online this week.

Finally, I can't very well announce that we're taking on new people without reiterating our open offer to accept contributions from our readers. We can't guarantee we'll print everything submitted, but it's the web, so our space is pretty much unlimited. If you'd like to send in a one-time op-ed piece or even a feature article about something you know especially well, drop me a line anytime.

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