Graphics processor shipments rose 20% last quarter

Jon Peddie Research has posted new market share and shipment numbers for the third quarter of this year. Overall, JPR says third quarter sales of graphics processors were up an "astounding" 20% sequentially. Dr. Jon Peddie explains, "The third quarter of 2007 was the second quarter in a row to surprise us. There was growth in the second quarter, which is normally a slow period, and the third quarter, which is usually good, was a record this time." Peddie credits increased demand for multimedia PCs "and, to a certain extent, to demands of Vista" for the growth.

On the desktop, JPR says Nvidia captured 37.7% of the market, compared 33.5% for Intel and just 17.5% for AMD. In the mobile space, AMD reportedly took back the number-two spot with 23.4% of the market, compared to 50.9% for Intel and 22.8% for Nvidia.

According to JPR, Nvidia lost share in the mobile space but stayed above Intel on the desktop; its overall market share rose from 32.4% in Q3 '06 to 33.9% in Q3 '07, as sales grew from 23.8 million units to 33.1 million units. Intel dipped from 41.8% to 38% over the same time period, with sales still growing from 30.7 million units to 37.2 million units. AMD's share of the graphics processor market went down from 23.4% in the third quarter of 2006 to 19.5% in the second quarter of this year and to 19.1% last quarter. That said, AMD's shipments increased from 17.2 million to 18.66 million units between Q3 2006 and Q3 2007.

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