Free video service sports Fox, NBC, MGM, Sony content

Online video services have cropped up just about every other week lately, but they seem to fade into obscurity just as quickly as they appear. However, a new video service spearheaded by media heavyweights News Corp and NBC promises a different formula.

As the Associated Press reports, the service—dubbed Hulu—has opened today as part of a limited beta test. Among Hulu’s library are not only shows from News Corp and NBC, but also Sony, MGM, and other, smaller content providers. That adds up to 90 TV shows, including 24, Battlestar Galactica, Family Guy, Heroes, House, Journeyman, and The Office. All shows are available for free on an ad-supported basis, and users can reportedly share shows and embed clips on the Web.

According to the AP, Hulu is set to launch publicly early next year. Meanwhile, interested users can sign up for the test on The AP adds that, not long after the launch of the beta test, Hula shows will be made available on AOL, Comcast, MSN, and Yahoo.

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