Sparkle unveils passively cooled GeForce 8800 GT

Nvidia's new GeForce 8800 GT launched today, and as we saw in our review, its noise levels are very low despite its rather tiny fan. Of course, even the quietest active coolers generate some amount of noise, a fact that is liable to upset obsessive folks who can hear a cat sneezing two blocks away.

Those users might be interested in a version of the GeForce 8800 GT released today by Sparkle. The card, which Sparkle calls the SF-PX88GT512D3-HP Cool-pipe 3, is outfitted with a completely passive, heat pipe-based cooler. The cooler has three heat pipes connecting a flat, heat-conductive surface mounted on the front of the card to a heatsink on the back. Thanks to this arrangement, the cooler shouldn't obscure the slot situated directly below the card.

Underneath its cooler, the Cool-pipe 3 is a standard GeForce 8800 GT, complete with 112 stream processors, a core clock speed of 600MHz, an SP clock of 1500MHz, and 512MB of GDDR3 memory clocked at 900MHz.

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