Samsung plans 21-inch OLED panels for 2009

OLED TVs and monitors have spent years as prototypes in labs deep within the confines of panel manufacturers, but they're finally about to peek out into the market. Early this month, Sony announced its plans to release the world's first commercial OLED TV—an 11" model with a 960x450 resolution and 1,000,000:1 contrast—in Japan this December. The TV will cost the equivalent of $1,750, but it's a start.

According to Japanese site Tech-On, Samsung has also spoken out on its plans for OLED displays. Samsung Executive VP and CTO Ho Kyoon Chung gave a presentation at a conference in Japan last week, during which he laid out Samsung's OLED roadmap and said the company intends to have panels with sizes rivaling those of some current LCDs in 2009.

Chung explained, "Following small panels used in 2007, 3.5- to 7-inch panels including 4.1-inch panels will be applied to ultra mobile PCs, for example, in 2008. Then we will realize 14-, 15- and 21-inch panels in 2009 and large 40- to 42-inch full HD (high definition) OLED TVs in 2010."

Chung added that Samsung intends to have a flexible OLED display out the door by 2012 "at the latest." According to Chung's predictions, the OLED market will already be worth $3.7 billion in 2010.

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