Asustek: Intel not meeting mobile processor demand

As Asustek prepares to introduce its low-cost Eee PC notebook in the United States, the company is having problems securing mobile processor supply from Intel, according to a report by InfoWorld. Asustek seems to blame an industry-wide shortage of Intel mobile processors for the hangup.

"The biggest shortage in notebook components is in CPUs, Intel CPUs. Intel isn't meeting demand," said Jerry Shen, president of Asustek, answering questions at an investors conference in Beitou, Taiwan.

Shen also stated, "Our relationship with Intel is good so we don't have a big problem, but if it wasn't so good, our troubles might be worse." Perhaps as a result of its good ties with Intel, Asustek doesn't expect the shortage to impact its sales. Nonetheless, InfoWorld says laptop makers have complained of small LCD display and hard drive shortages caused by strong notebook demand.

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