I hope everybody had a great day. Tom's Hardware continues their Intel roadmap coverage with news about future mobile and server/workstation products. The DDR platform release is imminent as Hardware Central takes an early look at the Micron Samurai DDR mobo. Not to be outdone, ALi plans on showcasing DDR 266 chipsets at World PC Expo (link courtesy of NeWs dAwG).

MSNBC and Yahoo are both reporting that 3dfx received favorable rulings in patent litigation suits against nVIDIA (thanks to TR reader Aaron for sending in the MSNBC article).


  • The Register on MS Whistler build 2281 with additional comments by WinInfo
  • ZDNet reports on Linux growing pains and Open-source angst
  • MacOS X: Aqua critiqued (from osOpinion)
  • The Register clarifies the Dell and AMD picture
  • Windows 98 vs. BeOS: ATI Radeon vs. Voodoo 2 benchmarks at BeNews
  • Western Digital subsidiary to challenge TiVo and ReplayTV
  • A chance to bid on Xbox and Playstation 2
  • Bluetooth ready to bite (in Australia)
  • Inside the mind of Stuart X posted at [H]ard|OCP
Motherboards and bios

  • Athlon.oC's Abit KT7 tweak guide
  • MSI K7T Pro review at SE
  • PC Review's close encounter with Asus A7V Pro
  • Asus CUSL2 i815e bios 1003 final
Gaming and graphics

  •'s exclusive Q3A on Dreamcast matchup: Thresh vs. Makaveli, broadband style
  • X-Dome covers graphical prowess of Xbox
  • Gamasutra's 3D engines for games: a broader perspective
  • VIAHardware does 3dfx Voodoo 4 4500 PCI vs. NVIDIA GF2 MX comparison

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