AMD blazes ahead

AMD has this press release marking today as the official rollout of the Athlon 1.2 GHz and Duron 800 MHz processors. Ours came in yesterday so TR's review is tomorrow. Just kidding (but I'm working on it). In the meantime, enjoy the early reviews.

Thunderbird 1.2 GHz

Duron 800 MHz

Tom's Hardware and AnandTech do combined reviews of both processors. Anand leaves us with this teaser saying that "while we probably won't see any higher clock speed Athlons or Durons this year in their current form, don't expect this to be the last you hear from AMD. Remember that preview we brought you all a few weeks ago? A final review is coming up very shortly...."

Also, of note is AMD president and COO Hector Ruiz being inducted into the Hispanic Hall of Fame.

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