Everex plans sub-$300 Linux notebooks

Cheap, Linux-based notebooks are all the rage these days. After the One Laptop Per Child’s XO laptop and Asustek’s Eee PC, Everex is now cooking up Linux-based notebooks with a target price of less than $300, according to PC World. The notebooks will appear in the first half of next year with screen sizes ranging from 12.1" to 17".

As we reported yesterday, Everex is also behind a $199 Linux desktop PC currently sold at Wal-Mart. The machine features an Ubuntu 7.10-based "gOS", which will also be included in the upcoming laptops. PC World quotes gOS founder David Liu as saying, "The intent of GOS is to take [Linux] to the consumer and do what Steve Jobs did with Mac OS X– to take an alternative OS and package it for the consumer." Instead of Ubuntu’s default Gnome-based user interface, gOS has a more bare-bones Enlightenment E17-based UI with a look somewhat reminiscent of Mac OS X’s.

PC World quotes Everex Director of Marketing Paul Kim as saying Everex is also prepping other mobile devices. Those devices will include ultra-mobile PCs, Kim says, which will be "competitively priced."

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