Deal of the week: 500GB hard drive, $99.99 shipped

We planned to feature one of Nvidia's new GeForce 8800 GT graphics cards for our deal post this week. However, these cards have been selling like hot cakes since their introduction on Monday, and finding one both in stock and within Nvidia's official $199-249 price range today seems to be an exercise in futility. That's not to say the cards aren't available—there are a few listed on our price search engine—but we think waiting until the cards return to their intended price range (and in greater numbers) is the wisest course of action.

In the meantime, we've run into an interesting hard drive deal at Newegg. The e-tailer is selling Western Digital's Caviar SE16 500GB hard drives for $99.99 a pop with free shipping. At that price, you're paying just under 20 cents per gigabyte, which is excellent value considering the Caviar SE16 lineup is one of the fastest and quietest we've tested, and the drive comes with 16MB of cache, 300MB/s Serial ATA support, Native Command Queuing, and three-year warranty coverage.

Some folks may be more inclined to go with a Seagate drive to get the five-year warranty. However, the equivalent Barracuda 7200.10 is both $20 more expensive and louder than its WD counterpart.

Update: It appears the aforementioned Western Digital drive sold on Newegg isn't the SE16 model but the older SE. The SE16 is listed here for $109.99. Apologies for the confusion. (Thanks to TR reader Marty for the heads-up.)

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