Friday night topic: I should be interested, but....

I've always thought I wanted to learn the constellations and be able to name them as I look up at the night sky.  Then my kids came along, and we've been teaching them about these things.  We even took them to a little stargazing education class last Friday night, and I learned something about myself: I'm just not interested in that stuff.  Don't get me wrong; I'm glad astronomy is a part of human knowledge, and I know it's potentially interesting.  But I have no real interest in it myself, try though I might.  Perhaps that's in part because the part of me that, geekily, might wish to say to others, "Hey, I know something about this" and then demonstrate it has been beaten down through years of observing/moderating Internet comments.  I dunno.  But to me, a collection of white points in the night sky doesn't add up to much.  I'd rather call it "star cluster R-532" or something.  If that's boring, at least it's fitting.

What about you? What hobbies or areas of knowledge just don't capture your fancy?  Discuss.

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