Newegg: buy one Eee PC, get five accidentally

We told you last week that Newegg had begun listing and stocking the Asustek’s low-cost Eee PC notebooks. Now it seems Newegg’s shipping system hit a little snafu as orders began rolling in. Some users have reported receiving five Eee PCs instead of one following an order with the e-tailer.

More information can be seen on the EeeUser forums, where one user says he saw his package intercepted and returned to the sender during shipping, and a few others claim to have actually received boxes packed with five Eee PCs (one even posted a picture as proof). DailyTech blames the diminutive size of the Eee PC box for the mix-up. Meanwhile, Newegg is attempting to reach out with credits and discounts to get extra Eee PCs back from users.

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