Unreal Tournament 3 single-player explored

One of the many hyped novelties about Unreal Tournament 3 is the upcoming first-person shooter's single-player mode, which Epic Games has promised will depart from that of previous titles in the same franchise. UT3 single-player is set to have an actual storyline and characters, but just how different will it feel from the bot match skirmish ladders of UT, UT 2003, and UT 2004?

Shacknews has published a preview of UT3's SP campaign that attempts to answer that question. Epic has reportedly shelled out big bucks to outfit the game's SP campaign with lengthy cut scenes and gruff, manly voice acting reminiscent of Gears of War. However, Shacknews' impression is that the cut scenes and storyline are effectively wrapped around bot matches, a fact it says you'll "never actually forget." Nonetheless, the Shack believes the campaign will bring a nice improvement over previous titles to the substantial portion of UT players—about half, according to Epic—who never go online.

As a reminder, UT3 is scheduled to hit stores in the US on November 19 and in Europe on November 22. A three-map "beta demo" of the game is available over at FileShack.

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