NeWs dAwG sends in this link from The Register reporting that Athlon 1.33 GHz processors are allegedly on sale in Sweden. Not sure about this one but I first heard about this rumor on AMDZone. Regardless, the day belongs to AMD.

General news and tips & tweaks

  • Q3 earnings report (various)
  • Saw this over at Ace's Hardware: Simultaneous Multithreading Project
  • Real World Tech considers IBM's big blue shadow: 64-bit MPU
  • OCworkbench reviews TRGpro PDA
  • Adrian's Rojak Pot has a Win2K tip (scroll down)
  • Working fix for random freezes in Win2K and Asus A7V (from Athlonmb forums)
  • SystemLogic explains the fundamentals of cache
  • NFS Xtreme shows how to tweak the Windows logo
  • Game Basement's UT texture compression part II
Multimedia and networking

  • Linuxworld's installing a firewall, part 2
  • Tech Extreme's firewall switch review
  • GamePC reviews Intel Anypoint wireless home ethernet
  • Overclockers review Nikon 950 digital camera (send us pictures of your setup here)
  • Clubic compares Hercules GF2 Ultra with Pro (benchmarks here)

  • CaseETC on dual voltage dual LED 12v/off/7v baybus
  • Savage2k's supercooling from the ground up part one
  • Athlon.oC does Socket A blowout
  • [H]ard|OCP reviews Thermaltake Super orb
  • Trainwrecker reviews Thermaltake Blue orb

  • Lost Circuits' BIOS guide
  • Asus CUSL2 1003 beta 4 bios (dated October 17)
  • Per pixel attenuation demo in OpenGL (tech demo posted on NVIDIA's website)
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