Asustek source: Apple is planning a tablet Mac

Mac sites are breeding grounds for rumors about new and upcoming Apple products of all shapes and sizes, some (far) more plausible than others. There’s been recurring talk of an Apple "tablet Mac," but little more than rumors ever emerged. However, CNet UK has a lead that adds a fair amount of plausibility to the tablet talk.

CNet says it heard in a "very hushed manner" from its friends at Asustek that the Taiwanese manufacturer is "helping Apple build a Tablet PC." CNet adds that checking back with its source at Asustek yielded the same information:

We checked back with our source at Asus on a different day and they confirmed that the Apple Tablet will not be based on existing Asus designs such as the R1. It will come from a completely new blueprint, possibly based on the patent Apple filed back in May 2005. We’re guessing it’ll be based on Intel Core architecture, a tweaked version of Leopard, and have all the multi-touch, CoverFlow goodness we’ve seen in the iPhone and iPod touch.

The Asustek insider wouldn’t tell CNet about specifications or a release date, but as the publication says, the tablet may be based on a patent Apple filed in May 2005 for a hand-held device with a giant touch screen.

The device may also be one and the same with the purported "iPDA" we heard about back in September. This iPDA was supposed to be bigger than the iPhone, with a 720×480 display and a giant touch screen, and it was reportedly scheduled for the first half of 2008.

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    • BKA
    • 12 years ago

    I’m not sure about the tablet PC market altogether. We bought ten of them for a specific department that travels between campuses. I was given the project of creating an image for them so they would all be the same and in case one needed reloaded. So I got a chance to play with them for a while.

    Now, they were great when I first starting playing with them but the novelty wore off pretty quick for me and I ended up using it as a regular laptop most of the time. I could see the use for the college department we got them for since they travel a lot and attend a lot of meetings. But for the average user its just doesn’t seem practical. This is coming from a geek that gets excited about all technology.

    It will be interesting to see if MAC can get a better hold on the tablet market than PC users. I know Vista gets a bad rap but its seems tailor fit for tablet PC use.

    • slot_one
    • 12 years ago

    The iNewton.

    • Voldenuit
    • 12 years ago

    Tablet? That’s a tough pill to swallow. I can imagine Apple making a suppository Mac, though …

    they can call it the eneMac. :p

      • eitje
      • 12 years ago

      so, so bad.

    • Usacomp2k3
    • 12 years ago

    If they can make them light enough, then I’m sure it’d be a hit.

    • Thresher
    • 12 years ago

    I’ll believe it when I see it.

    I wouldn’t be surprised to find out Apple was doing some engineering work on a tablet, but I would be surprised if it actually results in a product any time soon.

    • etilena
    • 12 years ago

    Too many gadgets on the market already. Wonder how PDA sales are doing now that smartphones have taken over in terms of screen size and functionality.

    Either you use your phone or a laptop, hard to use something in between.

      • blastdoor
      • 12 years ago

      Yes, it does seem like a niche within a niche, but I never thought they’d sell a phone, so I’m not going to make any predictions.

    • crazybus
    • 12 years ago

    A mac tablet with something like an 11″ screen and weighing under 3lbs would be nice. At the very least I’d drool all over it.

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