40GB PlayStation 3 still based on 90nm chips?

A week ago, we brought you word of a report on a German site that said Sony's 40GB PlayStation 3 was based on new, 65nm versions of the Cell microprocessor and RSX graphics processor. The new console was said to shave power draw from 200W under load to just 135W, a purported artifact of the new silicon.

However, another German site—this time the much bigger Heise Online—has received a statement from Sony that denies the new console is based on 65nm chips. Roughly translated, Sony's statement reads, "The new 40GB model continues to use 90nm processors. Production will switch to 65nm in the coming months." What's interesting is that Heise Online quotes similar power consumption savings for the new console: 120-140W under load for the 40GB model instead of 180-200W for others. The publication says that the reduction is due to "the use of other electric components." (Thanks to DailyTech for the tip.)

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