TR Forum Tidings: Good quad-core coolers

Quietly cooling one of the latest 65nm dual-core processors from AMD or Intel isn't a huge challenge—the chips fit in small power envelopes and don't put out much heat. However, doing the same with an overclocked Core 2 Quad is another story. For our tidings post this week, we've selected this thread from our System Builders Anonymous forum, in which gerbil newbie 2x4 asks for a good, quiet cooling solution that'll handle a quad-core Intel chip with room for possible overclocking.

A good number of fellow gerbils have shared their views, and popular recommendations include the Zalman CNPS9500 LED, Thermalright Ultra Extreme 120, and other gigantic, vertical coolers that can accommodate 120mm fans. The discussion has devolved somewhat into overclocking talk, but there's still plenty of room for cooler recommendations.

What would you strap onto a Core 2 Quad to keep things quiet? If you have a good recommendation, or if you've already got a quiet system set up with a quad-core chip, feel free to contribute to 2x4's thread and share your insight. As always, you'll need to register a forum account first if you haven't already done so.

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