Intel releases 'decoder ring' for its processors

Long-time TR readers will remember our CPU decoder ring, which we retired some time ago. As we found out, keeping up with the wealth of processor models that roll out is a daunting and time-consuming task. However, things are somewhat easier if you're the company actually making the products. And as luck would have it, Intel has opened up its Automated Relational Knowledgebase to the public, giving users a chance to browse through the company's recent processor and chipset lineups.

The database lists processors from the Pentium 4 to the Core 2 Quad and chipsets from the 915 to the X38, complete with specifications and availability information. The ARK allows users to find processors by their code names, with a list of 28 processor code names and 18 chipset code names, ranging from Willamette to Bearlake. And as icing on the cake, Intel also lists prices for recent products.

The only downside is that users must first register with Intel before being able to access the ARK. However, registration is quick and only involves providing an e-mail address, a password, and a security question.

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