gPC motherboard hits retail as a $60 dev kit

Everex’s newly-released gPC TC2502 has gotten a fair amount of publicity as of late, with Wired even calling it a "fantastic deal" in a review earlier this week. In its review, Wired pointed out that the system could be interesting for enthusiasts if they were "going to to do something clever with it."

As LinuxDevices reports, Everex has (perhaps involuntarily) reached out to enthusiasts by releasing the gPC’s motherboard as a separate "development kit" with a price tag of just $59.99. The motherboard comes with a 1.5GHz VIA C7-D processor, integrated VIA UniChrome Pro graphics, integrated six-channel Realtek audio, and it allows users to slip in their own DDR2 RAM as well as up to two ATA and Serial ATA devices. In addition, the board ships with a copy of the same Ubuntu Linux-based gOS operating system Everex bundles on the gPC.

The motherboard is already available and in stock over at ClubIT. The e-tailer sells it for $59.99 with free shipping. Users who are only interested in the OS can already download it from this page on the gOS site.

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