Dual-GPU Radeon HD pictured

AMD plans to introduce a new Radeon HD graphics card with two graphics processors next year, if a report by The Inquirer is accurate. We first heard of the card just over a month ago, and it was said to be based on dual RV670 graphics processors and bear the Radeon HD 2950X2X moniker. According to The Inq, there are indeed two RV670 chips in the card, but its name is Radeon HD 3870 X2—logical, since the Radeon HD 3870 is expected to be the faster of the two RV670 parts due later this month and the "X2" suffix already denotes AMD's dual-core chips.

The Inq includes a PR shot that shows a fairly long card covered by a bulky dual-slot cooler, accompanied by the mention "New Year" and a green splash cutout showing the 3870 X2 model name. No specs are quoted in the shot, but The Inq says the Radeon HD 3870 X2 will have 1GB of GDDR4 memory and clock speeds of at least 750MHz for each of its two GPUs. Memory speed will supposedly be 1.125GHz, resulting in aggregate bandwidth of 144GB/s for the entire card (72GB/s per GPU). Pricing should range from $399 and $499 in the U.S., or roughly the same ballpark as the existing GeForce 8800 GTX.

The Radeon HD 3870 X2 won't be the only guest at the dual-GPU DirectX 10 card party. Information seeped out earlier this week suggesting that Nvidia plans to have a dual-GPU card out early next year, as well. The card will be based on the same G92 graphics processor that powers the new GeForce 8800 GT.

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