Tom's Hardware Guide-atribe

I'm sure most folks caught at least one of the new AMD processor reviews yesterday, but I have to pause and point out the Athlon 1.2GHz and Duron 800 review at Tom's Hardware. Tom took this opportunity not only to review AMD's latest processors, but also to explain in some detail why he thinks no one should be afraid to choose AMD processors anymore. He attacks some of the Intel-boosters' FUD, explains why the Duron absolutely shellacks the Celeron in performance, and hits Intel pretty hard for charging price premiums versus AMD's offerings. Heck, each benchmark graph is accompanied by a "price/performance" graph, as well. (As you might imagine, the Duron leads pretty consistently in price/performance.) It's a breathtaking performance from Dr. Pabst¬ónot quite an AMD ad, but one heckuva endorsement.

Say what you will about Tom's enthusiasms and vendettas for and against various hardware makers over time (for/against/for AMD, for/against Intel, against 3dfx, against Rambus) , but they do seem to apex at the point when those companies' products have lost the technology and/or value lead. Usually. :)

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