New 'AMD OverDrive' software previewed early

Earlier this month, we spotted a report on a Chinese site that suggested the "Overdrive" auto-overclocking feature of some ATI graphics cards was due for a comeback in AMD's upcoming Phenom processors. As it happens, the guys at The Inquirer were able to procure a motherboard based on AMD's upcoming 790 FX chipset a little ahead of schedule, and they got a chance to try the new Overdrive software for themselves.

Judging by The Inq's screenshots, the new "AMD OverDrive" application has four main tabs: System Information, Status Monitor, Performance Control, and Preference. The first two are self explanatory, with System Information displaying information about the system's processor and memory in a way similar to the popular CPU-Z tool, and Status Monitor allowing users to check up on their PC's temperatures, voltages, and frequencies. In the Performance Control tab, users can get on with tasks like overclocking, memory tweaking, benchmarking, stability testing, and even an "auto clock" feature.

Using OverDrive, The Inq says it was able to overclock an Athlon 64 X2 5000+ Black Edition from its stock 2.6GHz to a "perfectly stable" 3.54GHz. The Inq didn't test any Phenom processors with the software, but according to the previous report mentioned above, OverDrive might allow separate overclocking of a Phenom X4 chip's four cores.

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