Windows 7 users requests outed

Microsoft has yet to announce the list of features it plans to introduce in the next version of Windows, currently code-named Windows 7. However, the company has released a list of the top suggestions from its Windows Early Feedback program that may include a few hints. As Neowin reports, the list includes 61 suggestions aimed at the Windows 7 development team.

Among the suggestions are requests for features like a vector-based user interface, better taskbar integration for multiple monitors, a tabbed Windows Explorer, the ability to save desktop icon setups, Windows Calendar/Sidebar integration, automatic Temp directory cleanup, a built-in audio/video codec manager, and a number of features already present in Firefox, such as the ability to restore browser sessions. The suggestions in the list also include requests to fix certain bugs, like Vista’s occasionally slow file copying/moving operations.

Unfortunately, the folks at Ars Technica have been told by an anonymous Windows 7 insider that users shouldn’t expect features from the list to necessarily make it into the next Windows build. Ars nonetheless quotes its source as saying the list was gathered “before any real development on Windows 7 was started.” Along with the list, Windows 7 developers have reportedly examined Mac OS X Leopard and the latest Linux distributions for ideas. So far, Windows 7 development is said to be ahead of schedule, with “about half of the desired features already implemented.” The final release is planned for late 2009 or early 2010, Ars says.

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