Mobile plans force Mozilla to tackle memory usage

For all its popularity and market share gains over Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox far from spartan with its memory usage. The browser’s taste for memory isn’t so much of a problem on the latest PCs with 2GB of RAM or more, but it presents certain obstacles on other platforms where memory is less abundant.

On his blog, Red Hat developer and Mozilla board member Cristopher Blizzard says Mozilla’s push toward the mobile arena is causing the organization to spend more time examining memory usage problems. Some early data analysis suggests Firefox “really doesn’t leak that much memory at all. But it does thrash the allocator pretty hard and that’s what causes the perception of memory leaks.” The problem is described in more detail in this blog post, but Blizzard predicts, “Over the next few months it will be very interesting to see what happens with both memory usage and perceived performance especially as we connect those numbers to a successful mobile strategy.”

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