Verizon cooks up 200Mbps FiOS

The FiOS fiber-to-the-premises services Verizon currently offers may be fast, with their 30Mbps peak download speeds, but they still pale in comparison to the 100Mbps services offered in Asia and Europe. However, according to Gizmodo, FiOS is about to get a speed boost that may make Asians and Europeans jealous.

Gizmodo reports that Verizon is testing a new fiber standard known as GPON—Gigabit Passive Optical Network—in Pennsylvania. Whereas Verizon’s current network can split up 622Mbps of downstream bandwidth and 155Mbps of upstream bandwidth to 32 households, GPON can supply those same households with 2.4Gbps down and 1.2Gbps up. With GPON, Gizmodo says Verizon is currently seeing peak download rates of 400Mbps and sustained download rates of 200Mbps. That’s an impressive 25-50MB/s, or enough to make some hard drives choke—provided users can actually find a server fast enough to max out their bandwidth.

Even juicier is Verision’s assertion that “‘virtually’ every network hub built after January will be GPON-based.” The company can update its existing network to GPON fairly effortlessly, too—”technicians just have to swap out the boxes on each end of the fiber cable they’ve already laid,” Gizmodo explains. However, Verizon will reportedly only do so if it sees a demand for the service.

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