Ultraportable Mac notebook coming in January?

At the coming Macworld Expo and Conference in mid-January, Apple will add a new member to its line of notebook computers, according to an AppleInsider report quoting "people familar with the matter." AppleInsider says the new notebook will be of the ultraportable kind, marking Apple's "re-entry into the sub-notebook market."

This unnamed laptop will supposedly feature a LED-backlit 13" display, and it will include no optical drive, enabling a form factor said to be 50% lighter and slimmer than that of Apple's existing 15" MacBook Pro. Despite the lack of optical drive, the upcoming ultra-sleek system will introduce hardware absent from current MacBooks, such as integrated NAND flash—presumably some form of Intel's Turbo Memory. AppleInsider says the built-in flash memory will be used to improve system power efficiency and lower boot times, just like Turbo Memory.

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