Next Folding@Home client to bring new user interface

Stanford University has a few surprises up its sleeve for the next version of its distributed protein folding software, according to a post on the blog of Folding@Home Director and Stanford Professor Vijay Pande. The new software is being demonstrated at the SC07 high-performance computing conference in Reno, Nevada, and it includes a brand new graphical user interface for the GPU and non-GPU versions of the upcoming client.

Right now, the GUI is coded for Windows, but we will be migrating it to OSX as well. The main highlights is the new look (check out the screen shot below), new updating scheme (we will update the picture in real time, or close to real time, in the GUI client, much like the GPU and PS3 clients do today), and perhaps most importantly, much better driver support (we've fixed most if not all of the bugs leading to driver incompatibilities). The upshot is that this is a major rewrite of much of the GUI leading to better performance, stability, and much prettier look. Thanks to Chris Sweet and ATI for their extra help here and Adam for making it all work.

Additionally, Pande says Stanford and AMD worked together to "scrub" the GPU code "very hard." The culmination of that effort is a new GPU core in FAH that should be faster, much easier to install, and more accurate. Pande doesn't quote a release schedule for the new client, but he says the goal is to get it out the door "as soon as possible."

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