Unusual CD-Rs examined

Dan's Data has gathered up a bunch of "alternative" CD-Rs in just about every shape and color imaginable for those who want to spice up their burner's diet. Interesting to say the least—you can get everything from pink 120mm discs to ones the size of business cards. Of course, all this comes at a price premium, and the quality and compatibility appears to be a little questionable.
77mm discs are neat little things, though. You can fit them in a pocket or a wallet or a brochure, so they're great for promotional purposes, or as emergency utility discs, or if you happen to be the hero in any of a number of recent movies in which information essential for the survival of the human race always seems to be on a 77mm CD.
Now that I think of it, my spindle of gold CD-Rs is looking kinda plain. Check out everything from rectangular discs to ones that will make your eyes hurt they're so bright right here.
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