Intel readies cheap, low-power desktop platform

Low-cost, low-power notebooks like the Asustek Eee PC and the One Laptop Per Child foundation's XO laptop are getting a lot of attention lately, but that doesn't mean cheap and low-power desktops are going out of fashion. Over the past week, we've seen the $199 Everex gPC TC2502 receive rave reviews and rumors arise about a desktop Eee PC. Today, DigiTimes reports that Intel is planning a whole new platform specifically for affordable, power-efficient desktops.

The upcoming platform is code-named Shelton'08, and DigiTimes quotes industry sources as saying it will be targeted at systems priced as low as $100. Shelton'08 will combine 45nm "Diamondville" processors and Intel 945GC or SiS 671 chipsets, and it will be certified to support Windows Vista Home Basic—the cheapest flavor of Vista, which lacks all the eye candy.

Reportedly, Intel has spoken with Asustek and Shuttle about the platform already, suggesting a possible link with the rumored desktop Eee PC. That said, DigiTimes' sources predict that the platform's low power utilization will see it first adopted in sub-$300 notebooks. Such notebooks will come in the third quarter of next year, while desktop Shelton'08 systems can be expected "shortly afterward."

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